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Test Boost by Prime Nutrition is a Testosterone Support Formula

Since the beginning of time we have known the power of the hormone testosterone. Test Boost by Prime Nutrition is here to maximise that power. 

It is no secret that testosterone provide vitality and strength when we are young and unfortunately declines as we age. By the age of 30 your natural testosterone levels start to drop significantly therefore, making recovery and training more of a task than it already is. However, with the all natural solution that is Test Boost by Prime Nutrition you will no longer have this problem. You will feel energy in and out of the gym, the ability to build muscle will be increased and sex drive will also be greatly increased within days of using this product. 

Please see below the exact dosage of each ingredient that practically guarantees results.


Serving Size: 1 Scoop (2.2g)

Servings Per Container: 30 


    • (Stinging Nettle – 200mg)

Stinging nettle helps improve bone and teeth health; improve muscle strength and quality, and aid in central nervous system function.

    • (Tribulus Terrestris – 500mg)

Tribulus terrestris has been scientifically proven to help support healthy hormone products and male reproductive health.

    • (Taurine – 500mg)

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid which is not utilized in protein synthesis, but is mainly found free in most tissues, especially throughout the nervous system. Taurine is well known for its role in the modulation of neurotransmitter activity and its relaxing effect on the mood.

    • (NMDA – 30mg)

NMDA is an amino acid based testosterone Increaser. It May Trigger: Full Spectrum Amino Acid Testosterone Amplification, Zinc and Magnesium Mineral Support, Myobolic SERM Estrogen Receptor Modulation, Potent Herbal Extracts For HPTA Axis Stimulation.

Directions of Use: 

As a dietary supplement consume 1 serving before a meal once daily.

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