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EAA'S by Prime Nutrition

EAA'S by Prime Nutrition are the highest standard EAA & BCAA mix on the market with no corners cut as you will see from the 100% disclosed ingredient profile. It also comes in two fantastic flavours; Watermelon and Kiwi-Strawberry.

An amino acid is considered essential because your body cannot produce it from other dietary components. During exercise protein breakdown rapidly occurs with no rise in protein synthesis therefore, making productive sessions much harder to reach. However, after the workout this catabolism will be slowed as protein synthesis begins to rise, but even so this is not enough on it's own to combat the catabolism that has already occurred throughout the training session. 

However, supplementing with EAA'S by Prime Nutrition will eliminate the post workout muscle breakdown allowing for quicker results and quicker recovery after every training session. 

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10 grams)

Servings Per Container: 30 


EAA Complex: 8.75g

Leucine - 5g

Iso-Leucine - 1g

Valine - 1g

Lysine - 500mg

Threonine - 500mg

Methionine - 500mg

Phenylalanine - 250mg


Directions of Use: 

As a dietary supplement consume 1 serving intra-workout. The user may consume up to 5 scoops per day. COmbine 1 scoop with 10-20oz of water and stir vigorously or mix in a shaker cup

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