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The Endurance Stack by Muscle Rage is the stack to for every endurance athlete

Whether you are an avid cyclist, someone that competes in Triathlons or someone that is training for an upcoming one off marathon this stack is for you. This stack is actually useful to ALL Athletes in all sports so don't be put off by the name.

ISOLATION 100% Whey Protein Isolate - Is the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate (and the fastest protein into the blood stream) with 24g of Protein per scoop, 5.5g BCAAs per scoop with only 1g of Fat and 2g of Carbohydrate - Don't worry it still tastes great

EAA'S - Is a Essential Amino Acid and Branch Chain Amino Acid Formula to help you recover quicker than ever by giving the muscles exactly what they need in the correct dosages

ANESTHETIZED - Is a sleep formula you take just before bed to put you into a deeper sleep and naturally increase Growth Hormone levels to rapidly increase recovery and leaving you feeling fresh the next day ready to train. Please note this is far stronger than the Sleep/GH in the old stack.

JUICED UP - Very few of us manage or even try to get the optimum amount of fruits and greens in our diet and we all should. Juiced Up is here for the days that you don't just 1 scoop a day will help you body function properly and overall make you more healthy. You can't train when you are ill.


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