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5 Fitness Myths Debunked

Sadly, many people are choosing not to exercise due to several myths which seem to have gained traction within the fitness industry, causing them to shy away from their local gyms. For example, things like “Woman who lift weights will have physiques resembling that of a man walking off the Mr. Olympia stage”. 

These myths have gained legendary status for how many people it has influenced into making poor health choices. Statements such as claiming that ‘carbs are the enemy’ or that a certain exercise will allow for ‘targeted fat lose’.

In this article we will go over and breakdown some of these myths, with the aim of debunking some of the misconceptions which have caused mass confusion over the years!


1)    Women who lift weights will develop bulky physiques

There are many factors involved in muscle growth, with weight training playing a smaller role than you’d realise.

Men’s physiques are generally able to hold and maintain a larger percentage of muscle mass, since their bodies are producing a significantly larger quantity of the hormone testosterone. This in turn signals the body to build more muscle mass and in turn burn fat. 

With the amount of this hormone being much lower in woman, it is highly unlikely that you’ll end up looking like a female Schwarzenegger after visiting the squat rack.

What will happen is that by lifting weights and increasing the density and strength of your existing muscles, you’ll improve your bodies composition, inducing weight loss which leads to a leaner, healthier looking physique. Also, with a higher muscle density/muscle tissue your base metabolic rate will increase which means you’ll burn more calories doing nothing but existing (which makes managing your body weight easier in the long term!).

With that being said it’s not impossible for a woman to significantly increase their muscle mass. However, due to how much work would be involved in achieving this, it would have to be a conscious choice followed by many years of dedicated training and specifically with that goal in mind.

Not to mention in many cases increasing your bodies testosterone levels through unnatural methods...

So, in conclusion, next time you’re in the gym embrace the weights section!


2)    Calories don’t matter, only what you eat does

Sadly, this myth has taken hold more strongly than others, probably because it gives people the licence to eat without regard for how much they are consuming.

It’s things like this which leads to many confused faces when it comes time to stand on the scales.

It’s not hard to imagine how easily this can cause people to become disheartened and give up on their fitness goals completely.

A calorie is simply the term used to give a measurement for how much energy is available in any given food that you may consume. 

Frustratingly (or thankfully, depending on how you look at it) through many millions of years of evolution our bodies have developed to hold on to any excess energy consumed. This mean we are much more likely to survive not knowing where our next meal is going to be.

So, if your body burns 2000 calories within a 24-hour period, but you’ve consumed 2500 calories in the same time, you will not lose weight unless you’re an extra in a kill bill movie.

As with a lot of myths, there are some truths hidden within them. In the case of this myth we find the truths when comparing food types and how much of each you’d need to consume to acquire the same number of calories.

Most healthier food options pack less calories per gram than their less healthy counterparts, for example there are 200 calories in 41 grams of a snickers bar versus 588 grams of broccoli!

So, the answer lies somewhere in the middle and sounds so simple when read out loud. Eat mostly healthy foods and keep a note of how many calories your consuming to ensure that you’re not working against your fitness goals!


3)    Training Abs will get you a 6-Pack 

Fun fact, you have 6-pack abs right now! They are just hidden under a layer of regretful lifestyle choices.

Here’s the thing, unless you take steps to improve your diet alongside the training, you will never see abs, no matter how many crunches you do.

You’ve probably heard it before, abs are made in the kitchen. Once you’re eating habits are in check and the body fat starts to come off, you’ll see the abs come through slowly but surely.

You should still incorporate abdominal exercises into your workout routine, as like any other muscle group, they are not to be neglected. Training your core will help build and strengthen the abdominal muscles which in turn will make them look bigger and more defined once you have everything else in check. 

So, in conclusion, stop spending all your time at the gym doing crunches just to follow up by eating crunchies.


4)    You Lose Fat by Decreasing Fat Intake

Think back to number 2, now think about the title of number 4.

Your body is incredibly efficient when it comes to converting excess nutrients into fat, so that it can be ready for the upcoming apocalypse.

The human body tends not to discriminate, unlike your uncle bob, so eating less fat will not lead to a decrease in your body fat percentage. 

Actively avoiding fat may actually increase your body fat percentage due to many of the food choices in the supermarket claiming health benefits such as ‘0% fat ‘. 

These foods are generally filled with sugars and chemical sweeteners to make up for all the tasty fat they have removed.

There are many different types of fat, some better for you than others, but most of them having some form of benefit when eaten in moderation (apart from hydrogenated fats, avoid them).

Eating a healthy balanced diet means including some of the healthy fats which can be found in foods such as nuts, seeds and other wholefood produce. Your body will thank you for it by giving you increased energy, stamina and overall greater feelings of wellbeing, which in turn leads to better performance in the gym and a healthier physique!

So, in short, fat consumption does not equal an increased body fat percentage.


5)    Creatine Needs To Be Loaded And Cycled

When bodybuilders decide to follow the unnatural path, they tend to cycle their ‘supplements’ in order to mitigate the damage caused by altering their bodies natural hormone production. This allows their bodies time to heal before starting up again.

Creatine on the other hand, does not in any way alter the human bodies hormone balance, nor does it negatively impact any of the bodies internal processes. 

Creatine is a great supplement for getting that extra 10% out of your workout and does not need to be cycled! Check out Muscle Rages Advanced Creatine Formula, Crucial, today and see how you might be able to add it to your everyday routine! 

 I hope that this article has put some of your minds to rest over the myths covered. Of course, this only scratches the surface of the many bro science induced myths doing the rounds in your local gym, but at least this gives you somewhere to start!

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