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Win in 2016

Friday, 25 December 2015 17:20:04 Europe/London

Win in 2016

Achieve the body you want 

The saying ‘new year new me’ is often thrown around especially in the fitness industry. But all you need is a conscious decision to change and consistent hard work. This time next year you could have the physique you want and deserve…


Firstly you are going to have to eat correctly. Unfortunately there is no way around this issue, no matter how much cardio you do it’s just not possible. You need 4-6 small healthy meals a day that causes a calorific deficit to help lose that fat quickly. This will also ramp up your metabolism which will also aid in fat loss. 

Secondly following on from the last point ditch the fizzy drinks, sugar saturated juices and additive ridden energy drinks for water. This will cost you absolutely nothing in fact it could actually save you a considerable amount of money per year. Your body is over 70% water and 0% (insert overpriced beverage here). You will find by upping your water intake not only will it help with your fitness goals but it will also have a positive impact on your mental performance. 

Do not expect results overnight. As much as we would love to sell you a product that could make your fat disappear overnight unfortunately they do not exist (we are sure many people are working on it). We always say that it takes 4 weeks for you to notice, 8 weeks for your close friends and family and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Don't give up, you don't quit your job every 12 weeks, so stick at it and you'll surprise yourself. 

SLEEP. Sleep is one of the most overlooked components to burning fat, yet one of the most important. The correct amount of sleep will help you recover both physically and mentally as well as help correct hormonal balance. If certain hormones are not where they need to be you are going to have an uphill battle. Because of this DO NOT have stimulants within 6 hours sleep. Want to know more about this check out our huge article on why you need more sleep. 

Use the right supplements. Here at Muscle Rage we sell the very best supplements to help you achieve your goals especially burning fat. Fat Burners are used every day, on training days are best used pre cardio to increase thermogenesis (body temperature) along with sustained energy release which helps alleviate mental fatigue that comes with 'dieting'.


LIFT MORE WEIGHTS. Cardiovascular activity 100% has it’s place in achieving your fat loss goals, but make sure you train with resistance all of your muscles to achieve the physique you really want. It will also help you from getting bored which is crucial for long term motivation. 

Consistency is king. If you keep this up for 3 months then look at how far you have come you may find new motivation to push you for another 3 months. Maybe you are just motivated anyway. Regardless, if you do the work you get the reward. You don't do the work, another year will pass you by unhappy with your physique.  

Ask questions. Still unsure about some of this or what supplements are best for you please get in touch with us we are ALWAYS happy to help! > joe@musclerage.co.uk

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