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5 Tips for Building Monster Arms!

Monday, 16 November 2015 11:06:47 Europe/London

Most guys want big arms. Most action hero’s from when we were children had big arms, the cartoons we watched the guys had big arms and the toys we had… you guessed it big arms.


1. Triceps make up two thirds of your arm 

Yes huge peaked biceps looks awesome, especially when photobombing someone or in front of a sign saying ‘beach that way’. However, they would look even more impressive there was a huge amount of tricep meat below. Don’t neglect your triceps over your biceps as if you want to build big arms the biggest way to do so is adding mass onto your triceps quickly. 


2. Failing to fail 

This is true to all other muscles as you will probably see in many of our other articles. But more often that not you will see people have an unbelievable chest session with forced reps, multiple drop sets and rest pauses, but then when it comes to arms they get to the 10th rep on pushdowns and they stop. Use the same past failure techniques as you would on other body parts, if you don't do this already prepare to see your arms grow rapidly in weeks the weeks to come. 


3. Don’t forget your forearms

Okay training forearms is not the most exciting thing in the world and you cant brag to your friends that you reverse curled 20kg for 30 reps with as much pride as benching 150kg for 5 but when you have huge forearms it looks impressive and completes your physique. Why have perfectly round shoulders and massive upper arms only to have the forearms of a 4 year old? It is best to do forearms towards the end of your workout as they assist in many bicep exercises.


4. Go Heavy 

Arms like everything should be done with the best possible form but don't let that stop you from going heavy. Do your heaviest exercises at the beginning on your workout just as you would with squats at the start of your leg workout. You can use the most weight with standing barbell curls whether thats a straight bar or an EZ bar so that should be your first or one of your first bicep exercises. For triceps a great mass builder you can go heavy with is close grip bench press. However if you struggle with elbow problems you may wish to consider doing cable pushdowns first. 


5. Mix up hand positioning

For both biceps and triceps hand positioning can greatly alter the exercise in which head of the muscle you are putting the most strain on, don't use the same grip all of the time. For the best overall stimulus try moving your hands closer together or even further away during barbell curls or a neutral grip when doing dumbbells curls - this will help add girth to your arm giving it that dense look. With triceps trying using a straight bar rather than rope for push downs or using a neutral grip on dumbbells rather than an EZ bar for skull crushers. These tiny adjustments can make the world of difference to your results and it will help stop you getting bored from the same exercises. 


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