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Leg Growth Hacks

Saturday, 14 November 2015 13:47:58 Europe/London

Say goodbye to jeans that fit with these 7 Leg growth hacks!  

Lets face it we all want big, ripped legs from the hip all the way down to your ankle. No Mr. Olympia   as ever had bad legs. They make up half of your body so in ‘bodybuilding’ that might be considered a little important.



As boring as it is to hear, SQUATS are the king of leg exercises. It hits all of the muscles throughout your legs and your glutes all the way through the exercise, plus it activates your core and other stabiliser muscles during the exercise. Just squat properly and squat deep.


2. More SQUATS. 

Squats are king but that doesn't mean you should or have to do 20 sets of squats and then go home. Try front squats, or smith machine squats but much slower and more controlled. You can even squat down onto a bench sit their hold it for 1-2 second then explode up and continue for your desired rep range (beware after about 4 you may want to try). Equally if your gym has one, try a Hack Squat machine or V-Squat. 


3. Don’t be afraid to drop it 

Many people fail to squat effectively when they are training on their own because there is no one to help them if they get into trouble. But pretty much all squat racks on the planet have safety bars, so set them at the appropriate height and be ready to squat to failure. So what if it makes a bit of a noise if you happen to drop it, it shows you are training to your maximum. 


4. Leg Press foot positioning 

Leg presses whether they are plated loaded or cable driven have a huge area to experiment with the best place to position your feet. As a guide the lower you place your feet the more it targets your quads whereas the higher positions allow you to target the glutes and hamstrings more effectively. 


5. Intensify your workouts 

Leg day is hard many love it but many hate it. Because of this you rarely see rest pause sets or drop sets or even partial reps (on single joint exercises) at the end of sets but yet is a common occurrence on chest day. So next time you hit your 15th rep and cant do any more on leg extension, drop it by 20% and see how many more reps you can grind out. And then do it again. Consistently using techniques like this will help you get that growth you desire in both the short and long term. 


6. Don’t train something else after

On leg day train legs nothing else. It is very tempting to throw in something like arms at the end of a leg workout because it may be an area lagging behind or you just enjoy training arms. But by doing this 9/10 you will subconsciously trying to hurry along your leg workout so you can get to training arms. This of course will have a negative impact on your workout and then your results. 


7. Train them twice a week

If legs really are a weak point due to genetics or just neglecting them over months/years then a lot of work has to be caught up on. This can be done two ways; split the workouts quads and hamstrings or just two leg workouts. Either way will jumpstart the growth you need.

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