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How to get the most out of Cobra-6p

Sunday, 8 November 2015 14:05:48 Europe/London

Cobra-6P by Blackstone Labs is the product for you if you are in the pursuit of getting lean effectively, quickly and safely. It isn't a weight loss supplement, it is a fat loss supplement that works. However, if your diet and training try to counteract its brilliance then unfortunately it will fail as it is not a magic pill… we are working on one of those.

1. Drink More Water

This is number one on the list because it by far the easiest to do, the cheapest to do and requires next to no effort other than filling up a water bottle a few times a day. Or if you have a huge gallon jug you might not need to refill at all during the day. You need to drink more water for 2 reasons; the first being that drinking more water and staying hydrated throughout the day actually increases your metabolism and supports fat loss. The second being  that when taking fat burners that contain stimulants such as Cobra-6P by Blackstone Labs, they have a diuretic effect so you will have to increase your water anyway. To achieve this it is recommend that 3-5 litres of fluids is drank per day, preferably cold water. 



You will see we have already done a huge article on the importance of sleep which we highly recommend you check out. Sleep is crucial for recovery both mentally and physically. If you cant function properly during your sessions then your results will be reduced and you may forget to refill your water bottle. Sleep is also crucial for correct hormonal balance and we all know how much of a role hormones play in building muscle and burning fat. Therefore, DO NOT have stimulants with 6 hours of sleep, and get 8 hours of sleep every night.


3. Split the dosage

Cobra-6P is a 2 cap a day product, for optimum thermogenesis take 1 capsule immediately upon waking (before breakfast) and the other 20-35 minutes before you cardio session. Get the sweat bucket ready though because that fat is about to start crying. 


4. Regular small healthy meals

This point is obvious but make sure that regular meals are being consumed throughout the day. This is normally 5-8, healthy and aimed towards the goal of fat burning therefore, no 12 pack at Dunkin Donuts as a post leg workout meal. This will stimulate your metabolism and make sure that you are never feeling hungry as well meaning that you wont be tempted to eat all of the things you shouldn’t. 


5. Add CLA for optimal results

Cobra 6P is a great fat burner but the great need a team to get the job done. CLA has been proven to increase the metabolism and promotes the breakdown of fat. With the added bonus of supporting your immune system which is particularly important during these cold winter months. Just add 1 softgel to 3 of your meals and start to discover the benefits. 


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