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Basic Nutrition: Part 2

Friday, 13 November 2015 17:21:26 Europe/London

Following on from Basic Nutrition: Part 1 5 more basic tips to help change your lifestyle.

6. Don’t expect results overnight

If you eat perfectly, train perfectly, supplement perfectly and even use performance enhancing drugs (which we obviously do not recommend) you will still not get results overnight or even in a week. Expect a good 2 weeks for you to start seeing changes and then expect double, if not triple, the amount of time for everyone else around you to start noticing the results. Think how long its taken to get where you are now, the body is incredible but it cant work miracles. 


7. You cannot outwork a bad diet

Eating what you want and then trying to run it off has been tried by many but none have succeeded in mastering a great physique this way. It is a common occurrence you see people trying to lose weight exercising every day in the gym for months or maybe years (which is great they should keep doing that) but they are failing to make the necessary changes in their diets to give them the results they want and deserve.


8. Genetics only play a part

Okay genetics are pretty important and can determine a lot. If your family throughout history finds it extremely easy to put on the fat then the chances are you probably have that issue too. However, by eating and training correctly for your goals, you will be able to get results. Just like the guy or girl that somehow has had the same body fat level since they were 14. 


9. You might have nighty-nine problems but make sure FAT isn’t one!

Yes fat is 9cals per gram as opposed to carbs and protein at 4cals per gram but fat does not make you fat, too many calories compared to how many you burn makes you fat. 

Of course there are good fats such as Omega-3 (available from Prime Nutrition Here) that is shown to decrease the chances of heart disease and arthritis. There are also bad fats such as ‘Trans-Fat’ which is found in all/most of your favourite fast food products, these fats you should stay away from. Also ‘low fat’ or ‘fat substitute’ products equally should be avoided as they are normally filled with sugar and other nasties you don't want.


10. Drink more water

Point one of part one was to stop drinking your calories from drinks such as lemonade. Over 70% of your body is made from water not lemonade. Would you put mainly diesel in a petrol car? Probably not (well we hope not and if you do please take your car to a garage ASAP). 

Not drinking enough water will have a huge negative effect on your performance both physically and mentally. You should aim to drink 3-4 litres of water a day (or other fluids but preferably water) and possibly more if you are over 200lbs or using particular supplements such as a fat burner or diuretic.

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