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Basic Nutrition: Part 1

Sunday, 8 November 2015 14:00:54 Europe/London

As much as we all do not want to admit it we all know that nutrition is the most important part or bodybuilding. Because no matter how much you train if you are not giving the muscle what they need to recover they will not grow. And it doesn't matter that Anogenin by Blackstone Labs increases protein synthesis by 200% if you are not eating enough protein. This is where many people because dieting is the hardest part, you certainly cant blag it unless you have been given the world craziest genetics. It requires thought and planning: and giving up Big Macs which is something we all struggle to do. 

1. Stop drinking your calories 

Lemonade, Cola or Squash is a personal favourite of many but by drinking these throughout the day you are consuming around 300-500 calories per day that will not be filling you up, and will not be helping you with your muscle building and/or fat loss goals. Water is king. 


2. Prepare your food

Prepare your meals, whether its all of them or just the ones where you don't have to cook. Buying that salty meal from the food truck across the road or the restaurant a short drive away will contain way more calories than you should be having for lunch and probably more ingredients you can’t name over the ones you can. If you cant prepare all 6 meals just prepare 2 or 3. It takes next to no time at all.


3. Eat little and often

Weight loss and weight gain is caused by calories consumed compared to calories being used. Splitting your daily limit into 5-6 smaller meals you are not only less likely to snack on bad foods but you will ramp up your metabolism, which of course is going to help you in obtaining results. 


4. Cheat

Yes we know what you are thinking how we have just gone on about an importance of a great diet, made up from good foods and that they are timed properly. But if you do not allow yourself to cheat you will probably give up on your diet rather quickly. You can cheat small every day or you can cheat bigger once a week, or if you can withstand the temptation once a month. Cheating on your diet is going to keep you sane both short and long term so it is something you should 100% be doing for long term results. 


5. Know how many calories you should be eating 

Your body can only burn so much fat or build so much muscle in a certain period time. Of course supplements can greatly increase your ability to do this but losing or gaining 1% a day isn't realistic and eating 500g of protein a day at 160lbs isn't going to do cause anything extra other than the rate you use the toilet in a day. Use an app or read a book to work out exactly how many you should be eating per day. Also don't lie about your current percentage of fat or weight when working it out because then then the answer you receive will not be the correct one.

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