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5 Essential Supplements

Sunday, 8 November 2015 13:56:38 Europe/London

Due to advances in science and a growing industry supplement companies have expanded the existing categories and also created entire new ones. But not everyone should or can try all of them all of the time. So here is a list of supplements that you could consider essential to your training. Of course you've got to keep training hard and eating well the masterminds in the labs are yet to produce a magic pill. Supplements are getting much closer though…

 1. Whey Protein 

What else were you expecting for number one? Whey protein probably generates the most revenue across the world over all other supplements with Pre-Workouts being a close second. The average rule for years now has been 1g of protein per 1 pound of body weight. Which doesn't sound a lot when your 95lbs. But you when you start going over 150lbs and even 200lbs this is suddenly a lot of protein you have to be eating to maintain and continue to grow. Whey protein is the most bio available protein with Whey Protein Isolate such as Blackstone Labs Isolation being the absolute pinnacle.


2. Pre Workout

It was mentioned above and I am sure it will be argued that they are not ‘needed’ but try a chest session with no DUST V2 and then try a chest session with DUST V2. Easily your session with DUST V2 is going to be better. Because it provides unbelievable pumps, surges in energy intense energy and increased performance. DUST V2 and our other pre workouts available make your workouts better and better workouts mean better results. 


3. Veggies/Greens/Vitamin Supplement

Probably one of the most overlooked supplement categories on the market today for two reasons. 

  1. Years ago when this category first came out they tasted worse than… We don't even know they were that bad. 
  2. They don’t give instant results or don't give direct results to muscle growth 


But here is why you should completely ignore those two points. Firstly Greens supplements finally taste as great as everything else. Well, some probably still taste like crap but one of the ones we sell, whether you pick Juiced Up or Phytoform, your tastebuds are more than safe from annihilation. Secondly greens supplements may not give instant results but they do help aid digestion which means your protein is going to the right place rather than being wasted. They also help keep you healthy which is very important because you can’t/shouldn't train when you're sick! They also help fight all free radicals



BCAA or EAA products can be consumed throughout the day, pre workout, during workout or after your workout. We have never heard of anyone having adverse effects from too many BCAA or EAAS because at the end of the day in layman terms its broken down protein for rapid absorption to the muscle.

BCAA or EAA aids in muscle recovery by improving protein synthesises and help decrease DOMS post workout whether thats hours or days later. They help stop you losing muscle whilst you are doing fasted cardio meaning your body is eating away more of what it should rather than what it shouldn’t. It also helps prevent fatigue when taken during workout, it can also be drank throughout the day so that you stay in an ‘anabolic state’ - of course you still have to eat. If a standard BCAA product is not for you then check out Resurgence by Blackstone Labs which has added nootropics and vitamins for added focus during the day or intra workout. 


5. Post Workout Supplement (Including Carbs) 

During a workout you receive your energy from the glycogen (carbs) stored in your muscle. Of course by the end of your session these are nearly completely depleted, hence why you are weaker and have less energy at the end than you have at the start. You must refill the glycogen stores immediately post workout to enable optimal muscle growth and recovery. It is even better when paired with protein or carefully chosen Amino Acids such as Leucine (the most important amino acid) and Glutamine for optimal results. Formula-19 from Blackstone Labs is the way to go for your post workout needs.


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