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4 Tips for Success

Sunday, 8 November 2015 14:07:00 Europe/London

These are four simple tips that you can start right now to improve not only your fitness related goals but all areas of your life.


1. Have higher standards

Turn your “I should” do this into “I must” do this. For example I should do cardio into I must do cardio, suddenly you will be doing cardio a lot more often which means suddenly your physique will greatly improve. Saying I should doesn't lead to change, saying I must does. Add this to all areas of your life and you can transform the situation you are currently in. 


2. Aim for unreasonable goals

As a child most of us are brought up to be good at what we do, have a good job with a happy family and clock in and out of work at 9-5 every day. And guess what, most of us easily achieve this. Fantastic we've hit our goals! But is that the goal you really wanted or are you left wanting more? As a fitness example you were told you were too small or too fat and just aim for having a good physique and you have worked your ass off and achieved it but at this point are you happy? If so great. Continue what you are doing. The aim of the game is to be happy but if you want something more then chase it. We can’t all be Mr.Olympia but with work and will power we can achieve goals most people wouldn't even dream of. The reason is because they didn't dream of it so they never set out to achieve it. Want a Bugatti. Aim to have enough money to buy a Bugatti. 


3. Focus on the solution 

You should focus on the solution not the problem, don't focus on the fact that your calve genetics might not be the best in the world. Focus on how can you make the absolute most out of the genetics that have been given to you and before long you will find you will become more satisfied with those calves. Equally if you have an injury, focus on ways you can aid the healing process or working out how you are going to come back stronger. Because if you focus on the problem, your morale will drop and that can effect other areas of your life. 


4. Take action NOW

If you feel you need to change something don't sit there and think about it for weeks on end because nothing changes. Whether it’s your financial situation or your body fat percentage, no matter how much you sit and think about it, the situation will not change. I know what you were thinking but what if I am in the office I cant just leave to go and do a 25 minutes HIIT session? Leave yourself a note on your phone or on some paper and stash it in your wallet that you want to improve your body composition and that you are going to plan how to do it tonight. This way you have immediately taken action and are now willing to do the things that are needed to be done to better the situation. 




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