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13 Struggles of Gym Life

Wednesday, Jun 06, 2018

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YK-11 SARM or Steroid?

Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

YK-11 Mysostatin

Is YK 11 SARM actually a SARM? 

We look at the actual science to show it’s not.

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DMHA Banned Down Under 2017

Wednesday, Jun 07, 2017

DMHA and DMBA banned in Australia

DMHA and DMBA banned in Australia as of October 1st 2017. 

If you are a stimulant junkie living in Oz then getting your fix is about to become a whole lot harder.

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Everything About Ostarine

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Everything about MK2866

Ostarine (MK-2866) is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM for short. It was developed originally to prevent and treat muscle wasting away for people that need it such as cancer patients or people with AIDS. However, it may also be effective for people low on testosterone to their muscle mass high and their body fat low. 


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signs the gym is now life


There are people that just go to the gym. Then there are people that make the gym a lifestyle. Calling it a hobby you find offensive because it is much more than that, your whole day revolves around it one way or another. 

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Build A Godly Upper Chest

Friday, May 05, 2017

Improve your chest workouts

There are some people that get a chest that pops off the collar bone and screams I train hard in a V neck from just doing a few push ups, decline press and incline flys. Meanwhile there are rest of us that unfortunately do not have those genetics. Follow these tips in your next chest workouts for maximum results.

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Electrify Yourself For Bigger Gains

Wednesday, Apr 05, 2017

Elite athletes will try anything to get the edge over the competition and there is no denying that Electrostimulation works. But would you see the difference? 

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Maximum Muscle Growth

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Increase your muscle growth

5 Tips for Maximum Muscle Growth

10 sets of 8 doesn’t really cut it if you want a physique that really stands out. Changing the reps and sets every now again isn’t really the level of intensity the Pro’s are on about either. But there are number of training methods that can have a huge impact on muscle growth. They do this by increasing muscle cell damage or metabolic stress, increasing the tension on the muscle as well as stimulating anabolic hormones that help drive greater muscle development in the long run. 

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DMHA - The Stimulant King

Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017


Want DMAA back? DMHA has you covered. 

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Now Shipping Worldwide

Thursday, Jun 01, 2017

Muscle Rage worldwide shipping

Good news! We now ship all of our sports supplements across the globe.

Tracked & Signed services at a resonable price.

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